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Welcome to the Copper Crust

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An experience made-from-scratch.

We not only honor every ingredient chosen specially for each of our culinary delights, but we also aspire to tantalize all five of our patrons’ senses. We offer a true authentic “made-from-scratch” culinary experience that pays homage to each ingredient in our recipes.

Each of our Copper Crust recipes have been inspired by the tastes and aromas from culinary meccas like Portugal, Italy, France, New York City and Washington DC. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City, Sean and Nicole Austin, the husband and wife team, owners and head chefs of The Copper Crust Company, spent time traveling. During our travels, we spent extended amounts of time cooking with local chefs … learning to prepare the flavor profiles and special techniques of the region. These flavors and techniques inspired us and that inspiration is what every patron tastes when they enjoy the offerings prepared at The Copper Crust.

When you enter The Copper Crust … you become a part of our family!



Straight from Brooklyn!

Our pizza is rooted in Nicole’s family. Her great-grandfather landed in Brooklyn when he arrived in the U.S. from Naples, Italy. He opened Gaetano’s Pizzeria and is noted for having introduced the first sliced pizza at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

The pizza at The Copper Crust Company starts with an aged dough which helps create thin chewy crust with a crunch which melds with our house made sauce and the right amount of cheese to give you that classic New York fold.

  • House concoction pizzas

    Margarita... Meats-a-Plenty... Garlicky Broccoli Rabe and Sausage... The German... The Greek... and more!

  • Embarking on a whole new crust

    3 sizes of pizzas served daily. Tuesday – Saturday 11 am - 9 pm

Bakery and Market

Over 1,700 pounds of dough made from scratch and rolled each week.

We are dedicated to creating a space for our guests to gather and have an experience that makes them excited to return.

Most of our menu has an old-school backstory, that we will happily share with you. We provide wholesomely prepared breakfasts, lunch and dinners. And there’s delicious “grab-and-go” food choices such as cheeses, charcuterie, grape leaves, hummus, our famous chicken salad, and olives. We fancy pastries made from scratch in a classical European way. They range from croissants, eclairs, and paris brest, to NY cheesecake, chocolate tortes and more. And we pair them with our aromatic special blends of brewed coffee.

Every ingredient is chosen with purpose. We like to say that we honor every ingredient, but we don’t want one to outshine the other. Each of our prepared menu items come straight from our heart. We smoke and cure our own bacon, sausage, salmon and lox. Sean has created a kind of lox legacy in York.

On the Go Catering

The Copper Crust Company. Going mobile!

You can bring the Copper Crust experience home, to the office or to any event venue. We have options for events ranging from wedding showers and backyard barbecues to corporate lunched to simple dinner parties to grand themed events. While we will work with almost any budget we specialize in catering for events when the food really matters. We believe the food should be part of your event’s memories for years to come.

  • Tasteful Cuisine, Authentically Prepared

    For a flavor like no other, you need The Copper Crust!

  • Honoring Every Ingredient

    Each ingredient needs a reason to be present... we build flavor profiles like no one else.

It’s all in the name

Perfection in baking!

The Copper Cust is not a play on words or a suggestion.  It is exactly what it says.  The caramelizing of the sugars, the art and the craft, the development of the flavors is all in the color of the crust!  A copper crust not only adds texture, a crispy, crunchy or flaky exterior that enrobes the soft and delicate inside, but also the amazing flavors that the baker has worked so precisely to achieve.

It is one of the hardest things to perfect in baking, to get the blistering, the crackling and the popping sound when you take it from the oven like the bread is talking to you.

We strive for this in every aspect of our business. Making todays crust better than yesterday’s Copper Crust.

Sean & Nicole
The Copper Crust is a business built on the bond of two people with passion for gathering, breaking bread, and creating experiences. Sean and Nicole Austin met at the world renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. They were not only blown away with the culinary genius that they were surrounded by and the potential ahead of them, but they found each other and fell in love. Sean and Nicole are partners in life, in love, in family and in business. Their menu items are rooted in their past—their family (immigrants from Italy), living in New York and DC, and their travel to other countries. “…we owe our success to our chefs, our mentors and those that challenged us along the way. Going to the CIA is a gift for someone like us. You get to meet your idols like Julia Child, and work alongside the best in the world and then become part of that network”.